Fight For Justice

On the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Reservation

December 1998

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Update on FFJ civil case.
December 1998

Defendants, Steve & Alice Hadden, Donald Carlson & Rose Edwards have objected to defendants being dismissed from this case. They want the plaintiffs to try and prove their allegations against them. The judge was heard saying he has never had a defendant object to being dismissed before. But Steve & Alice Hadden, Donald Carlson told the court that they want their day in court. That they are tired of these people making accusation against them and when it comes time to have them prove it they back out. (Because there is no proof, it is all lies)

The attorney for the plaintiffs told the court the reason for him and his clients being in court was for the money to be made in a settlement. And the plaintiffs feel that the defendants they want to dismiss from the case don't have enough assets for them to keep suing them. It was pointed out that the plaintiffs knew this from the beginning and that this law suit was just for harassment.

In the beginning of the trial the judge accepted oral motions in this case and now he has thrown them out, telling us we would NOW have to make written motions and that the previous motions are invalid. And so far the judge hasn't made any decisions on any of the motions presented in court.

1998 Tribal Election
December 19, 1998

 L'Anse side:

Mike Lafernier (inc) 168 votes
Ann Durant (inc) 178
Elizabeth Mathews 126
Robert Genshaw 92

 Baraga side:

Gary Loonsfoot (inc) 148
Bill Chosa (inc) 145
Larry Demomine 91
Ricky Geroux 55
Domonic Pincicano <sp?> 52
Mike Cardinal 48
Alice Hadden 30

 Tribal Assoc. Judge:

Bill Jondreau (inc) 168
Jim LaPoint 129

Also on the ballot was "do you want to use voting machines?" This passed.

Gary won even when though they tried to discredit him with a very nasty letter saying false accusation against him that was mailed out to the "voting" members.

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