Fight For Justice

On the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Reservation

September 1997

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September 1997
FFJ Members still being harassed.

The tribal court could not find any FFJ member guilty of crimes so now there are suing them in tribal civil court. The plaintiffs claim emotional distress and other so called symptoms and want money from FFJ members along with the catholic church, Holy Name of Jesus and Fr. John Hascall. Also being sued are FFJ Attorney Alan Clark and his wife Laurie Anne Whitt, Bishop Garland of the Diocese of Marquette, Father Zelinski, Father Scannell, Archbishop of Detroit Maida.

The plaintiffs in the case are: Joanne Pennock (Tribal Court Clerk), Joe LaBeau (Tribal Police officer), Pat Racette, William Seppanen (Tribal Police officer), Joseph O'Leary (Tribal Attorney), Clara Chosa (Tribal Nurse), Donald Chosa (Tribal Police officer), Musa Crawford, Cherie Dakota (Brad Dakota's wife), Fred Dakota, Verne Funke, Gerald Hays (Tribal Accountant), Elvera Lantz (Health Dept. worker). Debra Parrish, Mary Dee Shanahan, Tim Shanahan, Pauline Knapp-Spruce (tribal council member) Stan Spruce (tribal enrollment officer), Amy St. Arnold (tribal council member), Diane St George (tribal receptionist), Angela Topash, Susan LaFernier (tribal council member Mike LaFernier's wife), James Schutte (tribal CEO Assistant), Rick Geroux, William Koivo, Dale Faulkner, Kenneth Morin (tribal physiologist) Michael Chosa, Denise LaPointe (tribal health worker).

September 1997
FFJ members harassed.
Kim Gauther was harassed at work by the parents of Officer Koski, who is charges for destruction of property and other Fred Dakota supporters. These people went to her place of employment and harassed the owner of the store to fire Kim. The police were called to remove them. The owner of the store informed Kim that they would not fire her.

September 1997
Fred Dakota resigns.

Fred Dakota resigned from his position as CEO of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Tribe. Wayne Swartz has assumed that position. Fred Dakota has been seeing tribal doctors and having them write letters to Judge Bell that Fred is too sick to go to jail. I feel this is another attempt to show evidences that he is too sick to go to jail. I hope Judge Bell sees through these tactics

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